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com.rosegardenmusic.rosegarden.desktop - 1:20.12-1 ⚙ amd64

Type: desktop-application
ID: com.rosegardenmusic.rosegarden.desktop
Package: rosegarden
  fr: Rosegarden
  C: Rosegarden
  fr: Séquenceur MIDI/audio et éditeur de partitions
  ru: MIDI-секвенсер и нотный редактор
  C: MIDI and Audio Sequencer and Notation Editor
  es: Secuenciador de MIDI y de audio y editor de partitura
  de: MIDI- und Audio-Sequencer und Notensatzprogramm
  C: >-
                Rosegarden is a general-purpose music composition and editing environment that offers a mixture of features
    inspired by MIDI sequencers, score editors, and DAWs.  Rosegarden offers a variety of extensions that work in conjunction
    with LilyPond to produce beautiful scores that often require little or no manual editing, and it generally does a good
    job of rendering human MIDI performances as legible notation.
                Rosegarden is ideal for the small scale home artist who wishes to use one tool to handle a music project from
    start to finish.  For example, you can record your musical idea with a MIDI keyboard, write out transposing parts for
    the members of a brass band, and record the band playing these parts all in the same document in the same application. 
    Rosegarden supports a variety of import and export formats, and works well in conjunction with other applications.
  C: Rosegarden development team
ProjectLicense: GPL-2.0+
- AudioVideo
- Audio
- Midi
- Sequencer
  - midi audio sequencer music notation score
  homepage: https://www.rosegardenmusic.com/
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    width: 48
    height: 48
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    width: 64
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  stock: rosegarden
  - com.rosegardenmusic.rosegarden.desktop
  - audio/x-rosegarden-composition
  - audio/x-rosegarden-device
  - audio/x-rosegarden-project
  - audio/x-rosegarden-template
  - audio/x-wav
  - audio/midi
  - audio/ogg
  - audio/mp3
  - audio/x-flac
- default: true
    C: The main window
  - url: com/rosegardenmusic/rosegarden.desktop/c669a4503833bbcc1b0e90aa9a355c3a/screenshots/image-1_752x460.png
    width: 752
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    width: 624
    height: 381
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    width: 224
    height: 137
    url: com/rosegardenmusic/rosegarden.desktop/c669a4503833bbcc1b0e90aa9a355c3a/screenshots/image-1_orig.png
    width: 1128
    height: 690
- locale: en_US
  percentage: 100
- version: '20.12'
  type: stable
  unix-timestamp: 1607472000
    C: >-
      <p>This version includes the following bug fixes:</p>

        <li>Fix QPainterPath compilation error (r15845)</li>
        <li>Fixed several SysEx-related bugs in the Event editor (r15853)</li>
        <li>Event Editor: Fix garbage on SysEx load error (r15855)</li>
        <li>Event Parameter Dialog: Fix incorrect window title (r15857)</li>
        <li>Fix length of notes added in percussion matrix (r15870)</li>
        <li>Fix compilation error with Qt &lt; 5.8 (r15872, r15896, others)</li>
        <li>Fix issues with ALSA port name matching at file load (r15875, r15879, r15893-r15895, r15906, r15909)</li>
        <li>Fix "&amp;" in device name renders file unreadable.  Bug #1586. (r15886)</li>
        <li>Matrix editor: Fix control rulers not appearing.  Bug #1543. (r15887)</li>
        <li>Event editor: Fix crashes when editing (r15899, r15902, r15903)</li>
        <li>Reduce connection check interval to 1 second (r15912)</li>
        <li>Fix external controller port not working (r15915, r15916, r15919, r15927, r15929)</li>
        <li>Fix ALSA timer selection persistence (r15936)</li>
        <li>Fix disabled button text color (r15938)</li>
        <li>Fix plugins not found (r15947)</li>
        <li>Send proper CCs out the external controller port for motorized control surfaces.  Bug #1587. (r15952, r15954)</li>
        <li>Fix unwanted CCs going out with old files.  Feature #482.  (r15961)</li>
        <li>Fix slow load time with many segments.  Bug #1589.  (r16026)</li>

      <p>This version adds the following new features:</p>

        <li>Enable/Disable external controller port in the preferences (r15932, r15946, others)</li>
        <li>Transport buttons (play, stop, etc...) on MIDI controllers are now supported so long as they use Pro Tools standard
      CCs (110-118).  Feature #423.  (r15962-r15964)</li>
        <li>Korg nanoKONTROL2 support (r15994-r16013, r16015, r16016, r16021)</li>
    details: https://rosegardenmusic.com/wiki/dev:20.12
- version: '20.06'
  type: stable
  unix-timestamp: 1591142400
    C: >-
      <p>This version includes the following bug fixes:</p>

        <li>Fixed multiple memory leaks (r15684, r15685, etc...)</li>
        <li>Fixed 100% CPU usage when drawing lines in the controller rulers, bug #1571 (r15705)</li>
        <li>Fixed multiple invalid reads (r15707, r15708)</li>
        <li>Increased the height of the loop ruler, feature #481 (r15718)</li>
        <li>Fixed CCs not going out when playback begins in the middle of a segment, bug #1560 (r15735)</li>
        <li>Fixed volume and pan CCs always going out even if the controllers were removed from the Device, feature #482 (r15750)</li>
        <li>Stop sending CCs on ch10 when metronome muted, feature #482 (r15751)</li>
        <li>Fixed a problem with showing pitchbend ruler (r15771)</li>
        <li>Made default for expression CC 127 instead of 100 (r15773)</li>
        <li>Fixed a crash in Audio File Manager, bug #1576 (r15786)</li>
        <li>Fixed a crash when importing .ly as X11/RG21, bug #1579 (r15806)</li>
        <li>Fixed a crash on chords in pitch tracker, bug #1582 (r15835)</li>

      <p>This version adds the following new features:</p>

        <li>Track height can now be adjusted in the preferences, feature #479 (r15710-r15712, r15737)</li>
        <li>New Segment &gt; Transpose by Semitones... available in the Segment Canvas, feature #480 (r15715)</li>
        <li>Right-click can now be used in the loop ruler to set the loop, feature #481 (r15717)</li>
        <li>The current segment label is now displayed in the Matrix editor when multiple segments have been selected for
      editing, feature #470 (r15738-r15740)</li>
        <li>Segment "For Notation" feature, bug #1578 (r15805)</li>
        <li>Source distribution now includes these release notes in a CHANGELOG file.  The release notes will continue to
      be available on the wiki as well.</li>
    details: https://rosegardenmusic.com/wiki/dev:20.06
- version: '19.12'
  type: stable
  unix-timestamp: 1576022400
    C: >-
      <p>This version includes the following bug fixes:</p>

        <li>Fix synth plugin Send Test Note button (r15502)</li>
        <li>Plugin Editor: Fix Send Test Note not sustaining (r15511)</li>
        <li>Treat Left + Right mouse buttons as Middle button in Matrix and Notation editors (r15522)</li>
        <li>Matrix: Fix no update on delete. Bug #1569. (r15616)</li>
        <li>Fix missing metronome beat when expanding end during recording (r15621)</li>
        <li>Style: Make QLineEdit text gray when disabled (r15631)</li>
        <li>Fix transposing keys by interval (r15632)</li>
        <li>RMW: Reduce calls to leave/enterActionState() (r15641)</li>

      <p>This version adds the following new feature:</p>

        <li>Matrix Editor: Implement new auto-scroll behavior (r15525 - r15544)</li>
        <li>Segment Canvas: Implement new auto-scroll behavior (r15546 - r15551)</li>
        <li>Notation Editor: Implement new auto-scroll behavior (r15553 - r15555)</li>
        <li>Add –convert command line option (r15607)</li>
        <li>Add quaver triplet to standard quantizations (r15613)</li>
        <li>Quantize: Add arbitrary quantization units. Feature #477. (r15630)</li>
        <li>Preferences: Allow dangerous operations during playback. Feature #478. (r15643, r15646, r15647, r15651)</li>
        <li>Add ability to enable metronome during count-in and enable/disable during recording. Feature #453. (r15649)</li>
    details: https://rosegardenmusic.com/wiki/dev:19.12
- version: '19.06'
  type: stable
  unix-timestamp: 1559692800
    C: >-
      <p>This version includes the following bug fixes:</p>

        <li>Fix potential crashes during playback</li>
        <li>Fix crash when rescaling during playback</li>
        <li>Fix crash when splitting during playback</li>
        <li>Fix horizontal wheel scrolling on segment canvas (Bug #1561)</li>
        <li>Fix horizontal wheel scrolling on Matrix and Notation editors (Bug #1561)</li>
        <li>Enable High DPI Scaling (Bug #1565)</li>
        <li>Roland-CM-64.rgd: Fix SN-U110-02 perc mappings</li>
        <li>Avoid using null pointers (Bug #1566)</li>
        <li>Fix broken right edge auto scroll (Bug #1567)</li>
        <li>Fix crash when adding a Track with no Devices</li>
        <li>Fix numerous memory leaks</li>
        <li>Fix build with Qt 5.7, which doesn't have QSharedPointer(nullptr)</li>
        <li>SegmentParameterBox: Fix invalid memory access (Bug #1568)</li>
        <li>Fix Qt 5.7 QSharedPointer/nullptr build issue</li>

      <p>This version adds the following new feature:</p>

        <li>Add Ctrl+Space shortcut for record</li>
    details: https://rosegardenmusic.com/wiki/dev:19.06
  oars-1.1: {}