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ZeGrapher.desktop - 3.0.2-1 ⚙ amd64 ⚙ arm64

Type: desktop-application
ID: ZeGrapher.desktop
Package: zegrapher
  C: ZeGrapher
  C: Fast and intuitive math graphing software
  C: "<p>\n        ZeGrapher is an ergonomic, intuitive and fast software for plotting\n        mathematical objects (functions,
    sequences, parametric equations)\n        and experimental data on the plane (with polynomial fitting, CSV\n        import/export).\n
    \   </p>\n<p>\n        Here is what Zegrapher v3.0 can offer you:<br/>\n        <ul><li>Visualize up to six functions
    simultaneously. All the usual functions can be called: they're all written on a virtual keyboard. <br/>\n                On
    a given function, others can be called, so it is possible to associate or compose functions.</li><li>Numerical sequence
    plotting, they can be defined by a recurrent relation or explicitly.</li><li>Parametric equation plotting. The curves
    can be animated, with adjustable smoothness (frame rate) and speed (ms per step).</li><li>Experimental data plot and polynomial
    fit (regression). Data can be imported/exported from a CSV file.\n            <li>Parametric plot for functions, sequences
    and parametric equations: the parameter symbol to use is \"k\".</li>\n            <li>Plot tangents: they can be moved
    and resized simply with the mouse.</li>\n            <li>Plot derivatives and antiderviatives.</li>\n            <li>Print
    the graph, with the following options :</li>\n            <ul><li>Choose the size and the position of the graph on the
    sheet.</li><li>Print in color or gray-scale.</li><li>Export on a PDF file.</li></ul>\n            <li>Export to all common
    image formats (png, jpeg, tiff, gif...).</li>\n            <li>Display a table of values with different options.</li>\n
    \           <li>Navigate on the graph :</li>\n            <ul><li>Select a curve to display the coordinates of its points.</li><li>Zoom/unzoom
    on each axis separately or together, with the mouse on a point, or on a rectangular region.</li><li>Move the graph.</li></ul>\n
    \           <li>Customize the presentation :</li>\n            <ul><li>Change all the colors: axes, background, functions...</li><li>Chose
    the program's and graph's font</li><li>Adjust the plotting precision. Note that it will also affect rendering speed.</li><li>Show/hide
    a grid.</li><li>Activate/deactivate curves' smoothing.</li><li>Plot the graph on an orthonormal basis.</li></ul>\n\t    </li></ul>\n
    \   </p>"
ProjectLicense: GPL-3.0
- Office
  homepage: https://zegrapher.com/
  bugtracker: https://github.com/AdelKS/ZeGrapher/issues
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